Get the power of engineers from Eastern Europe

RoboGo! – European startup based in Estonia

Main idea of RoboGo! – replace the daily routine with robots and give people more time for personal fulfillment

We are currently working on the problem of wasting human recourses and energy during the commercial delivery

We selected the Ukrainian engineers for our technical development team

They are really cool guys, from that rare country, which can produce such complicated gismos as the world's biggest aircraft “Mriya” or ICBM

We are sure that the robots will be the fastest, cheapest and the most accurate

Choose the RoboGo!® and make sure that the future has just arrived

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The T-84 is a Ukrainian main battle tank
The World biggest Aircraft “Mriya”
The World biggest Aircraft “Mriya” (with shuttle Buran)
Ukrainian rocket Zenit-3SL in project “Sea Launch"
EXX of engineering from the eastern Europe